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  Strip # 168 - The wristband - A gift
(Monday May 21, 2007)

Last strip: #168 (Monday May 21, 2007)
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The Botmaker  
Strip #168 - A gift
Due to not having enough free time, the site is on an indefinite hiatus.

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Tuesday April 10, 2007
        This monht is one of the two big comic convention months for me. I'll be having a stand both in the Jerez Comic Convention and later in the Barcelona Comic Convention. This means I'll hardly be around to draw the strips for these weeks. So the Botmaker will be on hiatus until April 30th, when strip #166 will be published. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I really won't be able to draw a strip prior to that date. Sorry again, come back on April 30th.
Tuesday March 13, 2007
        There will be no botmaker this week, due to me being very busy. I'm already working on next week's strip, so it will be posted on time. Sorry for the delay.
Sunday January 14, 2007
        Tomorrow's strip is already done and uploaded, so you're guaranteed there'll be a new strip tomorrow. Sorry for having missed last monday's deadline. I have a mind of trying harder to be on schedule. Sorry for the delay.

As for the spammers, I've set up a filter that won't allow anybody to insert a comment with a link, be it HTML or BB styled, nor a comment that begins with http:// as the first 7 characters. Hope that helps stop most of them spambots.

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